Spring has been cancelled

You know that feeling of Spring blooming. The days get longer and the temperature climbs slowly but steadily towards double digits and it’s time to clean the bikes up. Lube and clean the chains, index those cassettes properly and then put them on the balcony to let the sun gently dry your clean babies up.… Continue reading Spring has been cancelled

Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

Yes, it looks like you're a Tron fan.

Visibility in cycling has always been a big issue for us living in countries that are dark sometimes. Which consists of every country in this planet. So yes, there will always be use for methods to allow us to see and to be seen. Project Aura is addressing the latter part and is also making… Continue reading Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

December wins November

Finally that dreadful November has given up and we’re steamrolling towards Christmas. I also got my steel-commutin’ Surly to my local bike shop to get the frame and wheels straightened and while at it, get the winter tires changed as well. The riding weather is pretty good here now, it’s not too cold and it’s… Continue reading December wins November

Cold wear: Endura Dexter windproof gloves

There have been times when I have hoped to have more stuff to review, but it turns out I haven’t even reviewed the stuff I have. One of these things is a continuation to our winter clothing post, the windproof winter gloves from UK manufacturer Endura, and they call them the Dexter. I have no… Continue reading Cold wear: Endura Dexter windproof gloves

Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

There are great substitutes for cycling during the winter, if you don’t like the idea of getting on your bike. It’s not so much about the commuting anymore, although I do know of a Mexican friend who does sometimes commute to work with his skis (yes, he lives in Finland). What I feel are the… Continue reading Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Remember when I said a few days ago that it feels like living on planet Hoth? We’ve had a blizzard here today in Helsinki, something around 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) of snow in one day and I still saw cyclists plowing through the snow. Sadly, my local bike shop mechanic, where I was planting to… Continue reading Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Winter commuting: Bike light buying guide

This is the time when all bike blogs and other media outlets are telling everyone to wear reflectors, use lights and really make themselves visible. The problem is that we really don’t know whether we are visible or not, because we are always in the center of the action. The other big question is the… Continue reading Winter commuting: Bike light buying guide

November sucks: Living on planet Hoth

Last winter was bordering on ridiculous, as it was like a winter imagined by an Australian tourist watching a Michael Bay movie on snow monsters. November is still supposed to be Autumn, even here in Finland. But yesterday’s forecast for the next ten days wasn’t very cheerful. The killer here regarding cycling is the wind… Continue reading November sucks: Living on planet Hoth