Friday Video: Watercarriers

Watercarriers – back in the days they carried real bottles Somehow you always think that modern cycling started in the Merckx era, professional teams, equipment, diets and all other elements enhancing heroic achievements. During the 1973 Giro d’Italia Jorgen Leth made a beautiful documentary on the main stars of the race and, even more interesting,… Continue reading Friday Video: Watercarriers

Commuting: 4 steps to hydration

We have all been thirsty, some of us have even been really thirsty and the urge to drink is amazingly primal. Our species contains on average 57% of water, but it doesn’t make us camels. Still, dehydration seems to be something very distant for people, so instead of scientific approaches, I’ll let the simple English… Continue reading Commuting: 4 steps to hydration