Marche-en-Famenne (BEL) – mtb track #6 (blue)

The forests are pretty | Photo by Joseph Pellicani

Marche – track #6 (blue) Starting off at the Chateau de Jemeppe it s straight away climbing towards a first view over the area. As for most of the route it s an easy rolling schooner road, after the initial asphalt, going up and down for the next 5 kms with nice panoramic views on… Continue reading Marche-en-Famenne (BEL) – mtb track #6 (blue)

Bike traveling: Swiss downhill helmet cam video

The snow cameth, meltedth and refrozeth into “crispy snow” as a friend and fellow blogger (or her daughter actually) well put. Luckily there are 34 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every hour, which means we could be filtering you brilliant videos showing amazing riding until the end of time. This one is from the… Continue reading Bike traveling: Swiss downhill helmet cam video