Trail to Verbier – Ardennes Training Camp

Preparing ourselves for the Grand Raid Verbier on the 20th of August this is the first in a series of posts. We got ourselves a nice cottage next to Grand-Halleux, collected 5 bikers and filled our fridge with after-ride rewards local style: Chimay trappist beers. Mind you we didn’t get the rewards that easily, a… Continue reading Trail to Verbier – Ardennes Training Camp

de Polders

Up north you can still freeze to your frame in 0-30 secs so a trip to Belgium where it’s 9Cs sounds almost tropical. Certain of my compatriots are celebrating the sublime state of democracy of the nation (at least us Belgians hold some kind of world record), others are starting to focus on what really… Continue reading de Polders

2011 plans – don’t call it a draft!

You have to give one thing to the otherwise utterly annoying Christmas period: it provides you with time to make bike plans for the new year. Before we even got to sit at the bar, have beers and start pondering about when and where to go Fili, one of the teamskelle bikers, came up with… Continue reading 2011 plans – don’t call it a draft!