Spring has been cancelled

You know that feeling of Spring blooming. The days get longer and the temperature climbs slowly but steadily towards double digits and it’s time to clean the bikes up. Lube and clean the chains, index those cassettes properly and then put them on the balcony to let the sun gently dry your clean babies up.… Continue reading Spring has been cancelled

Approaching our 200th post

It’s been about a year now since we started this process of documenting things we like about cycling and it’s amazing to be writing the 199th post to be published. Tomorrow’s post by Johanna will be number two hundred and we think that’s a lot. A lot has happened in the last year: Both Maarten… Continue reading Approaching our 200th post

Friday video: Girl meets boy on a bike in Helsinki

We’ve already told you how much we like received messages, comments, panties and other cool stuff from you guys and this week we got a video from an American couple. We actually had to bump out our hot BMX video for next Friday just to get this one out there, since it touched heart with… Continue reading Friday video: Girl meets boy on a bike in Helsinki

Commuting: What to wear?

I’m a bit torn at the moment as there are two riders with two different needs in me. If I just would commute directly from home to work and back, there wouldn’t be an issue. I could wear whatever spandex loving dream I would want to and be done with it very quickly. However, I… Continue reading Commuting: What to wear?