Video: Tour de Helsinki pile-ups

Our friend Esko Lius posted this video in his Finnish language blog and it’s a brilliant video from the main pelotons of Tour de Helsinki. There were ten people hospitalized in the tour this year and most of them were in the faster groups, which is now more understandable because you have riders on the… Continue reading Video: Tour de Helsinki pile-ups

Technique: I can haz slipstream

Now that I found a new route which is more populated in the times I’m commuting and one that is paved, I’ve had the chance to catch some slipstreams. To me, it seems funny how few people seem to realize that such a thing exists. There are a few men running the same commute who’ve… Continue reading Technique: I can haz slipstream

Commuting: Pay it forward

Photo by Cory Grunkemeyer, who has an awesome name!

Riding on the commuting saddle has been very nice this week, the weather has been good and the wheels have been rolling. I notice the effects in my legs, especially the thighs and some nights I’ve been coming home too late to rest properly between rides. Still, I’ve taken it easy in the beginning, as… Continue reading Commuting: Pay it forward

Tour de Zombies: Biking can be dangerous

For those who think professional biking is similar to lawn bowling and polo, you’re wrong. Not only do these guys ride at speeds of 70+ kilometers per hour, they also FALL at the same velocity. They also drive in tight knit groups of people, so if one falls, more people will fall as well. Below… Continue reading Tour de Zombies: Biking can be dangerous

Specialized ’11 – battery included

Now that’s what we call R&D! Following Fabian’s test rides in Flanders and Roubaix Specialized road bikes come with a 450 watt battery! Commute like a Duracell bunny! Check the 2011 models. Related Posts:First 500 km on the 2011 Merida Scultura Evo 9052011 preview: Merida Reacto 907 road bikeQuick preview: Gaerne G.Fora 2010 road cycling… Continue reading Specialized ’11 – battery included