Artistic cycling – Amazing stuff

It’s the 93rd independence day here in Finland today and during the night it snowed another 20 centimeters (8 inches). That means less cycling and more cleaning out the yard and driveway. Or just staying in and watching bike videos of other people riding in the snow. Anyway, there are these videos I’ve seen during… Continue reading Artistic cycling – Amazing stuff

Fixies + Hipsters + Helsinki = Music Video

One of the nicest places in Helsinki for cruising

If you thought that Finland is so desolate and full of polar bears that we had been spared from the invasion of hipsters and their brakeless fixed gear bicycles, you are wrong. When you ride down the streets, there is so much flannel, mustache and tight jeans that you’d think you are in the really… Continue reading Fixies + Hipsters + Helsinki = Music Video

San Francisco biking and blasting

Here’s a mood video for your viewing pleasure from San Francisco and I have to say, the lady who’s doing the filming has a really pretty looking bell on his bike, anyone know where you could get one? via KT Rocks The Bike with Adam on Vimeo. Related Posts:Mountain biking with one arm? Why not.Love… Continue reading San Francisco biking and blasting