Commuting: Back on the road!

The final puncture with the Michelins gave me a new keyring

As I’m writing this on a Thursday night, having my fingers fill my nostrils with the scent of vulcanized rubber, I’m seriously hoping I will not have another flat this year. I just got back in from installing new tyres that have Kevlar in them, the same material they put in bulletproof vests. Theoretically, I… Continue reading Commuting: Back on the road!

Commuting: Fix those flats!

I was inspired to write this article because I had two flat tyres in three days this week. Getting a flat is eventual and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Once you have these two items with you, you are ready for every circumstance. A bicycle pump (like the one we spoke about yesterday) A… Continue reading Commuting: Fix those flats!