2012 Merida One-Twenty XT-D 26″ review

The Merida One-Twenty XT official press photo

We had an opportunity to go out and take Merida‘s latest aluminum full suspension mountain bike One-Twenty XT-D out for a four hour muddy and snowy ride and naturally we had to write a review on the topic as well. While there’s been quite a bit of discussion on the new Ninety-Nine carbon range, the non-carbon… Continue reading 2012 Merida One-Twenty XT-D 26″ review

Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

There are great substitutes for cycling during the winter, if you don’t like the idea of getting on your bike. It’s not so much about the commuting anymore, although I do know of a Mexican friend who does sometimes commute to work with his skis (yes, he lives in Finland). What I feel are the… Continue reading Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

Changing the frame in 4 minutes

Who needs Photoshop when you have the sun?

Last week we spent a quality day changing a frame on a cross-country (or XC for short) bicycle and we thought of recording it since it was a nice day and all. The donor was a 2008 GT Avalanche 1.0 that had done it’s job and we swapped most of the parts from it to… Continue reading Changing the frame in 4 minutes