Hydration review: Camelbak Blowfish

A lot of people know what a “camelback” is, a lot fewer have actually tried one. They are naturally referring to the hydration equipment manufacturer Camelbak, who at least to my knowledge were the first to popularize the hydration pack with a bladder for the liquid and a proper “straw” for sucking it out. Jogging… Continue reading Hydration review: Camelbak Blowfish

Breaking records and winning yourself

I didn’t have the option to ride to work in the first days of this week, so I decided to go for a ride on Sunday. My wife was having her colleagues visiting our house, so I had around three to four hours to kill. The longest distance I’ve covered in a single sitting before… Continue reading Breaking records and winning yourself

Camelbak wants to make you a Fremen

Those sneaky hydration specialists at Camelbak are giving us science fiction fans something to drool about – our very own Fremen Stillsuit! (If you know what I’m talking about you pass our nerd test.) The review says that the material isn’t as nice as it should be, and the idea of a 2.1 liter bladder… Continue reading Camelbak wants to make you a Fremen