cyclocross season: national titles at stake

One of the better excuses for not being out there in the cold on Sunday afternoons (and grab a beer from the fridge at 4 pm) is this years cyclocross season. So far we have seen the top riders battle it out on several occasions with only seconds difference, or even better, a sprint all… Continue reading cyclocross season: national titles at stake

Ultralight bike touring

The photo above might look like something you would find from a pocket of a drug addict. But luckily, this blog is not about clinical depression (even though we are Finnish) or habitual drug use, so we will tell you that the photo is actually from a cycling tourer called an ultralighter. I’m pretty sure… Continue reading Ultralight bike touring

Bikes + Comics = Yehuda Moon

There’s one thing I’m pretty sure no one has figured out through the blog, my love and devotion for good comics. I’ve always loved topical comics on several issues, especially hobbies and science and when I found Yehuda Moon about 6 months ago I was awestruck as it resounded greatly on my current journey of… Continue reading Bikes + Comics = Yehuda Moon

Friday video: Chicks on fixies in Australia

Since we’re obviously in the theme of talking about women and bikes this week, we thought we should continue on that path. This weeks Friday video comes from the Canada of the South, Australia and it has a pretty lady in very short shorts riding a fixed gear Vuelo Velo bike. It’s not that much… Continue reading Friday video: Chicks on fixies in Australia

Winter riding in Atlanta – The Airport ride [video]

When one thinks of Atlanta, Georgia, you think of Ted Turner the bison lover, Coca-Cola and I think of that one guy who tried selling me a gold chain right in front of the exhibition center. I know we’ve been griping about the snow here, and there sure are ridiculous amounts of it here, but… Continue reading Winter riding in Atlanta – The Airport ride [video]

Friday video: Framed – Andi Wittmann & Felix Urbauer

You’ve probably (hopefully) seen our Friday videos already and we do try to have them as good as possible. Before, most of the videos have been about the riders or the talent, but this one is in my opinion more about the actual filmography than the riding. And the riding is damn good. That’s just… Continue reading Friday video: Framed – Andi Wittmann & Felix Urbauer

Man vs. Machine – Atherton vs. Knight

Anybody who has read our blog previously knows about Maarten’s man-crush on the Atherton brothers and we have mentioned them earlier, such as in the Red Bull rampage post. They are great riders and good-looking people and their sponsor Red Bull is maximizing their popularity by setting up a race – Between man and machine,… Continue reading Man vs. Machine – Atherton vs. Knight

Artistic cycling – Amazing stuff

It’s the 93rd independence day here in Finland today and during the night it snowed another 20 centimeters (8 inches). That means less cycling and more cleaning out the yard and driveway. Or just staying in and watching bike videos of other people riding in the snow. Anyway, there are these videos I’ve seen during… Continue reading Artistic cycling – Amazing stuff

Friday video: A summer day at the races

Aleksi Koskinen is a Finnish, Helsinki-based film maker who also loves cycling – which is great for us, since we can enjoy his videos. This one is from the track cycling Finnish championships, filmed on a hot summer day and the footage is marvelous. Check out his other videos as well! Enjoy! Related Posts:Friday video:… Continue reading Friday video: A summer day at the races

Bike art: Art by exercycling?

The thing you see above is an art piece from Australian artist Joseph L. Griffiths, currently residing (and hopefully cycling) in Paris. I’m not a hundred percent sure whether the whole thing is the art piece, but hell, if you can create art while training for time trials goes into the awesome section in our… Continue reading Bike art: Art by exercycling?