“For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”

So sayeth my new personal materials hero, Timo Hyppönen. On the Masters of Aalto site, his thesis statement runs thusly.

“Graphic design is mostly about communication. In the field of industrial production it means mostly packaging or advertising, if user interface design is excluded. Yet, most products don’t need graphics to work. It has been said, that the best typography is invisible and the best message is the product itself. If products are read as messages, product design becomes a part of the graphic designers responsibilities. What matters is the purpose of the goods we make and their ecological and moral footprint. In my thesis, I researched the meaning of contents in bicycle production.”

And what he did was:






More pics on the Facebook gallery by Pelago Bicycles, whom I understand to be a partner in this awesomeness.

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By Johanna MacDonald

Johanna is an artist, photographer, writer, musician and actress originally from Canada, but currently living and breathing in Helsinki, Finland. Summer 2010 she rode all the way through the United Kingdom. Check out her in Twitter @happeningfish.