Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

ODI rogue grips and thug plugs to seal the deal

Bikes are simply a collection of parts forming a whole, so upgrading for ergonomics is easy. For some reason people seem to think that their bikes are permanent and nothing can be changed. Since I’m a tall person with wide shoulders, I wanted to upgrade the cockpit of my Cube hard tail. The original configurations was a Syntace flat handle bar 640 mm wide with quite narrow and soft grips. What I had in mind was to have grips with better grip, which would be wider and I also wanted to have a higher handle bar with a wider stance.

RaceFace Deus XC 3/4 Riser Bars 680mm

I ended up finding a 680mm wide Race Face Deus cross country riser bar, with a 3/4 inch rise. A new handle bar costs around $30-50 so it’s not a big investment, but the difference in riding and posture is massive. To increase the grip I splurged in US made ODI Rogue grips, which are as expensive as the handle bar, but they are worth it. Super solid and the rubber tread is amazing in its grip. They lock on with four aluminum clamps held tight with 2.5mm bolts and I finished the job with ODI’s well known Thug bar end plugs, which have a smart design in locking on solidly.

All set with the fork lock remote, brake lever and gear shifter.

Changing a cockpit is very easy and can be done in about 15 minutes. The only tools you need are a repair stand to keep your wheel from not moving and some hex keys to move your brake levers and shifters. I’ve always liked the way Race Face products look and the new handle bar really brings the Cube to life and gives it some personality. I like it, do you?

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By Markus Sandelin

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