Quick preview: Gaerne G.Fora 2010 road cycling shoes

They sure are shiny.
They sure are shiny.

As I’ve made great progress in my riding during the last year, I thought I was up for a new pair of shoes. My problem is my shoe size, which is at the top end of cycling shoe makers. Sure, you can get proper sized Sidis, but they cost 250 euros per pair. As the bargain hunter I am, I found this discounted 2010 pair of Italian shoe maker Gaerne in size 48, which is just brilliant for me. I also got 50% off, which makes me a happy camper.

Buying bike shoes can be a hassle as there’s no universal truth on sizing and the differences between shoe makes and makers. Some searches and a bit of forum dwelling later I was ordering my pair of G.Fora’s that otherwise fulfilled my needs: a rigid carbon sole, lightweight, adjustable buckle and in a big size. The first thing that strikes you when unboxing the shoes is the amazing shine these babies have on. They look like they belong to a trendy Italian ballroom instead of the road.

I had some issues with the padded tongues in both shoes chafing my ankle a bit, but after I stopped and readjusted the shoes really showed their performance. I did not know a company called Gaerne existed before I went shopping, but after my initial experience I’m happy I do now. The sole is very stiff as it should be, the shoes breathe well and are very comfortable.

More testing is required for a proper review, but that’s on its way.

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By Markus Sandelin

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