Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

There are great substitutes for cycling during the winter, if you don’t like the idea of getting on your bike. It’s not so much about the commuting anymore, although I do know of a Mexican friend who does sometimes commute to work with his skis (yes, he lives in Finland). What I feel are the… Continue reading Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Remember when I said a few days ago that it feels like living on planet Hoth? We’ve had a blizzard here today in Helsinki, something around 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) of snow in one day and I still saw cyclists plowing through the snow. Sadly, my local bike shop mechanic, where I was planting to… Continue reading Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Exclusive video: Cycling in November sucks

If you’re read our blog before, you know that I just got my helmet camera from GoPro a week ago and finally had the time to edit a short clip of a ride in quite terrible weather in November. As I’ve already mentioned, this month is probably the worst for riding as there’s anything from… Continue reading Exclusive video: Cycling in November sucks