Project 29er: Budget build

Ever since we rode those 29ers in the forest, I have wanted one. Luckily, we are more of a lo-fi kind of blog and we do like rather having several bikes instead of expensive Italian superbikes. The photo you see above is very probably becoming my next all-arounder and single speed singletrack machine. An aluminium… Continue reading Project 29er: Budget build

December wins November

Finally that dreadful November has given up and we’re steamrolling towards Christmas. I also got my steel-commutin’ Surly to my local bike shop to get the frame and wheels straightened and while at it, get the winter tires changed as well. The riding weather is pretty good here now, it’s not too cold and it’s… Continue reading December wins November

Project 29er: Losing that 29er virginity

The bike During our visit in Hanko last week we were delighted to see the 2011 Merida bike range on display and at our disposal for some fun in the woods. Difficult choices were be made on arrival: Should we test ride the new One Twenty carbon full-suspension or the 29er 1000SL hardtail? Keeping Project… Continue reading Project 29er: Losing that 29er virginity