Bare-bones navigation for touring

Would you give up your GPS for this?

Here’s something you don’t much think about before your first tour: how you’re going to figure out where the hell you are. I have to start this, of course, with a wee caveat since nowadays most people have GPS built in to their phones, and a lot of cyclists use computers to navigate. I am… Continue reading Bare-bones navigation for touring

A year with a Garmin Edge 800 cycling computer

I’ve always been a gadget lover and even more, I’ve always loved data and information. When it came to moving a lot more than before, I wanted to motivate myself by starting to measure my progress. Since I was also running, I got me a Garmin Forerunner. It had GPS, could be attached to the… Continue reading A year with a Garmin Edge 800 cycling computer

Find your way – Creating bike routes

When you go jogging or walking, route planning for your average mortal person is quite easy since the lap usually won’t be larger than 15 kilometers, usually half of that. Since cycling is so much more efficient, 15 kilometers is not even a long trek for someone who has biked even a little (and has… Continue reading Find your way – Creating bike routes