Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

Bikes are simply a collection of parts forming a whole, so upgrading for ergonomics is easy. For some reason people seem to think that their bikes are permanent and nothing can be changed. Since I’m a tall person with wide shoulders, I wanted to upgrade the cockpit of my Cube hard tail. The original configurations… Continue reading Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

Love local bike shops and they love you back

We’ve always loved our local bike shops, they are not only beautiful and talented, running a bike shop requires passion and dedication like no other. We’ve written about them several times (like here, here and especially here) and we are glad to be doing it again. We have a friend called Nelli, a Finn who set… Continue reading Love local bike shops and they love you back

Spring has been cancelled

You know that feeling of Spring blooming. The days get longer and the temperature climbs slowly but steadily towards double digits and it’s time to clean the bikes up. Lube and clean the chains, index those cassettes properly and then put them on the balcony to let the sun gently dry your clean babies up.… Continue reading Spring has been cancelled

App review: Bike Repair HD

While some of us might be completely in a zen-like agreement with their rear derailleur, but there are much more of those who are more in tune with their chocolate pudding than a spanner in the derailleur. There are lots of Youtube videos and web sites like ours, but sometimes it’s good to have a… Continue reading App review: Bike Repair HD

First 500 km on the 2011 Merida Scultura Evo 905

It has been a bit too warm for road cycling here recently, so we’ve been bombing in the forests lately, but I have managed to get the first 500 kilometers on my new Merida and it has been a very pleasurable experience. The stiffness of the frame manages to surprise me every time and although… Continue reading First 500 km on the 2011 Merida Scultura Evo 905

Advice for the first-time tourer: uh… “down there”

The road is the most comfy for your derriere.

Right.  I’m half-expecting to be flogged with an inner tube for TMI, but let’s be adult and sensible and learn how to avoid saddle sores. If you are affronted by discussions of the derriere, go to the next post now. In most of this series I’m trying to cover the kind of information I really,… Continue reading Advice for the first-time tourer: uh… “down there”

Our local bike shop: Tikkurilan Ajomies

We have been asked to do some journalism (um, yeah) and show people around our local bike shops and we figured why not. They are people we have chosen to touch our bikes anyway, so might as well tell the world about them. Our first choice is my personal favorite and place-to-go when something goes… Continue reading Our local bike shop: Tikkurilan Ajomies

The Surly is back home!

Ha ha! Great news of happy joy! My Ultimate Commuter is finally back home! Even though I was wearing jeans and sneakers, the ride was very pleasant and nice, yet I’m already out of shape and it was cold as hell out there. But _still_ it was brilliant. No way any inside training tool can… Continue reading The Surly is back home!

Review: Rock’n’Roll Extreme Lube

There are lubes and then there are lubes. There are many different kinds as well: Ones for dry weather (usually based on wax), ones for wet (usually based on grease) and everything from between. Then there are these magic lubricants that don’t really care what kind of weather it is or how long you ride.… Continue reading Review: Rock’n’Roll Extreme Lube