Bikes + Comics = Yehuda Moon

There’s one thing I’m pretty sure no one has figured out through the blog, my love and devotion for good comics. I’ve always loved topical comics on several issues, especially hobbies and science and when I found Yehuda Moon about 6 months ago I was awestruck as it resounded greatly on my current journey of… Continue reading Bikes + Comics = Yehuda Moon

Commuting: Why so serious?

Having a folding bike and a suit doesn't make you serious

When I picture a kid riding a bicycle, I see him with a big smile trying to go as fast as the bike goes. He is happy because he is the lord of the wind, rolling thunder and Lance Armstrong all in one. I also picture the kid usually without a helmet, unfortunately. Yet, when… Continue reading Commuting: Why so serious?

Monday inspiration: Cyclocross trails in Scotland

This video by Andy Wardman which you can find below this short text is already a few months old, but it is a very refreshing video done by a single person. There’s a lot of effort as you’re going downhill, film it, ride back up and check if it’s good – if not, redo the… Continue reading Monday inspiration: Cyclocross trails in Scotland