“For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”

So sayeth my new personal materials hero, Timo Hyppönen. On the Masters of Aalto site, his thesis statement runs thusly. “Graphic design is mostly about communication. In the field of industrial production it means mostly packaging or advertising, if user interface design is excluded. Yet, most products don’t need graphics to work. It has been… Continue reading “For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”

The cyclist manifesto

Choose life. Choose a frame. Choose the material. Choose a fucking expensive wheel set, choose work stands, grips, carbon drop bars and ergo trainers. Choose good health, adrenaline rushes and flat tires. Choose hipsters with their fixies. Choose a collection of locks. Choose spandex and matching caps. Choose a collection of water bottles that reflect… Continue reading The cyclist manifesto

Love local bike shops and they love you back

We’ve always loved our local bike shops, they are not only beautiful and talented, running a bike shop requires passion and dedication like no other. We’ve written about them several times (like here, here and especially here) and we are glad to be doing it again. We have a friend called Nelli, a Finn who set… Continue reading Love local bike shops and they love you back

Approaching our 200th post

It’s been about a year now since we started this process of documenting things we like about cycling and it’s amazing to be writing the 199th post to be published. Tomorrow’s post by Johanna will be number two hundred and we think that’s a lot. A lot has happened in the last year: Both Maarten… Continue reading Approaching our 200th post

2011 plans – don’t call it a draft!

You have to give one thing to the otherwise utterly annoying Christmas period: it provides you with time to make bike plans for the new year. Before we even got to sit at the bar, have beers and start pondering about when and where to go Fili, one of the teamskelle bikers, came up with… Continue reading 2011 plans – don’t call it a draft!

December wins November

Finally that dreadful November has given up and we’re steamrolling towards Christmas. I also got my steel-commutin’ Surly to my local bike shop to get the frame and wheels straightened and while at it, get the winter tires changed as well. The riding weather is pretty good here now, it’s not too cold and it’s… Continue reading December wins November

Friday video: A summer day at the races

Aleksi Koskinen is a Finnish, Helsinki-based film maker who also loves cycling – which is great for us, since we can enjoy his videos. This one is from the track cycling Finnish championships, filmed on a hot summer day and the footage is marvelous. Check out his other videos as well! Enjoy! Related Posts:Friday video:… Continue reading Friday video: A summer day at the races

Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

There are great substitutes for cycling during the winter, if you don’t like the idea of getting on your bike. It’s not so much about the commuting anymore, although I do know of a Mexican friend who does sometimes commute to work with his skis (yes, he lives in Finland). What I feel are the… Continue reading Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing