Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

Bikes are simply a collection of parts forming a whole, so upgrading for ergonomics is easy. For some reason people seem to think that their bikes are permanent and nothing can be changed. Since I’m a tall person with wide shoulders, I wanted to upgrade the cockpit of my Cube hard tail. The original configurations… Continue reading Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

Spring has been cancelled

You know that feeling of Spring blooming. The days get longer and the temperature climbs slowly but steadily towards double digits and it’s time to clean the bikes up. Lube and clean the chains, index those cassettes properly and then put them on the balcony to let the sun gently dry your clean babies up.… Continue reading Spring has been cancelled

Review: Cube X-Comp Cyclocross

Leaves are starting to fall, it’s regularly raining cats and dogs and we are stocking up on winter clothes. The positive side? The cyclocross season is starting! Us Belgians have a particular relation with pedaling and running through the mud for an hour and somehow enjoying it – as do the spectators watching races eating… Continue reading Review: Cube X-Comp Cyclocross

Review: Shimano BR-R550 Cantilever brake

One of the most important things on a bike are the brakes, they can literally make it or break it for your bike. For their price, I think think brakes are the wrong place to save money. Since I couldn’t use my Shimano 105 caliper brakes on my ultimate commuter, in order to be ready… Continue reading Review: Shimano BR-R550 Cantilever brake