Commuting: What to wear?

I’m a bit torn at the moment as there are two riders with two different needs in me. If I just would commute directly from home to work and back, there wouldn’t be an issue. I could wear whatever spandex loving dream I would want to and be done with it very quickly. However, I… Continue reading Commuting: What to wear?

Riding: Kuninkaantie Ruska Ride

Still feeling a bit bitter after not being able to ride the Tour de Helsinki the week before and with a nice Autumn day ahead it was time to crunch some kilometers. One of the more beautiful marked roads in the south of Finland is without a doubt the Kuninkaantie or “Kings Road” going all… Continue reading Riding: Kuninkaantie Ruska Ride

Commuting: Getting ready for the cold

As you have probably realized, we are writing this blog from one of the most Northern countries in our planet, Finland. Thanks to that, the average annual temperature in our country is 4.8 degrees Celsius, which is a bit over 40 degrees Fahrenheit to our American readers. Our winter usually lasts about four months, from… Continue reading Commuting: Getting ready for the cold