10 tips to curb bicycle road rage

The boys at http://theimaginaryzebra.blogspot.com/2009/11/sorry-thanks-road-rage-reduction.html came up with this. I want a bike version.

In Helsinki I can really tell we’re in the thick of the beginning of the bicycle season, because I am swearing an awful lot on my bicycle. Clueless pedestrians not yet accustomed to looking before they step into a bike lane (despite having had years to learn), drivers on edge from having cyclists zip around… Continue reading 10 tips to curb bicycle road rage

Friday video: Resurgence, Hufnagel cycles and Parking squids!

If you have a cup of coffee (or a beer) and three minutes time, enjoy watching this. I know that’s what we’ll do. The film is shot and edited by Sam Clark and the rider featured is no other than Phillip Williams. Then there’s also the bike squid, a functional art piece by Susan Robb.… Continue reading Friday video: Resurgence, Hufnagel cycles and Parking squids!

Bare-bones navigation for touring

Would you give up your GPS for this?

Here’s something you don’t much think about before your first tour: how you’re going to figure out where the hell you are. I have to start this, of course, with a wee caveat since nowadays most people have GPS built in to their phones, and a lot of cyclists use computers to navigate. I am… Continue reading Bare-bones navigation for touring

Friday video: The Bike Song (Mark Ronson & the business Intl.)

It’s Friday and we have another long weekend thanks to the first of May holiday. Which means we can bike and do cool stuff. Just like they almost do in this video. Here’s a photo of the title person, Mark Ronson: Here’s also a photo of a free refill station, in the form of a… Continue reading Friday video: The Bike Song (Mark Ronson & the business Intl.)

Raleigh appreciation day

It was founded in Nottingham in 1887, and today the great bicycle maker Raleigh is sold to Dutch competitor Accell. It’s hardly the end of the road for the bikes, and actually their UK manufacturing has been relocated to the Far East for a decade already, but I got a pang of nostalgia, since this… Continue reading Raleigh appreciation day

Report: Houffalize World Cup 2012

Excellent location for a great xco track if you ask us.

After some nice riding on Saturday in the Rochefort area we went to see the real pros on Sunday in Houffalize for round 2 of the World Cup XCO. The new track built by the organization is simply spectacular although a bit confusing for spectators at times,  even without the “on course” obligatory Belgian beers.… Continue reading Report: Houffalize World Cup 2012

The cyclist manifesto

Choose life. Choose a frame. Choose the material. Choose a fucking expensive wheel set, choose work stands, grips, carbon drop bars and ergo trainers. Choose good health, adrenaline rushes and flat tires. Choose hipsters with their fixies. Choose a collection of locks. Choose spandex and matching caps. Choose a collection of water bottles that reflect… Continue reading The cyclist manifesto

Friday video: Aerial Mountain Biking (Helicam)

Looks more like a flying spider if you ask us.

Well, it’s time for our usual Friday video and we have a treat for you this time! This was hinted by a reader and we’re putting it right up. I have two friends who run a company where they take aerial footage with their eight rotor octocopter that has a proper camera attached to it… Continue reading Friday video: Aerial Mountain Biking (Helicam)

Houffalize World Cup 2012 preview

This Sunday it’s the “Tour of Flanders of mountain biking” taking place in Houffalize. Start to think of it that’s probably where they got the idea of riding laps in this years De Ronde…World class riding on one of the most selective courses of the world cup and voted best organization in the past both by… Continue reading Houffalize World Cup 2012 preview