10 tips to curb bicycle road rage

The boys at http://theimaginaryzebra.blogspot.com/2009/11/sorry-thanks-road-rage-reduction.html came up with this. I want a bike version.

In Helsinki I can really tell we’re in the thick of the beginning of the bicycle season, because I am swearing an awful lot on my bicycle. Clueless pedestrians not yet accustomed to looking before they step into a bike lane (despite having had years to learn), drivers on edge from having cyclists zip around… Continue reading 10 tips to curb bicycle road rage

Friday video: Brussels Express

Since it’s Friday and we’re in a Belgian mood, we have a nice one for you. We flush it down with Duvel tonight. Celebrate the beer! Don’t waste your time on pig swill! What’s your favorite beer after a long ride? Related Posts:Beer & CyclingFriday video: Resurgence, Hufnagel cycles and Parking squids!Friday video: The Bike… Continue reading Friday video: Brussels Express

Bare-bones navigation for touring

Would you give up your GPS for this?

Here’s something you don’t much think about before your first tour: how you’re going to figure out where the hell you are. I have to start this, of course, with a wee caveat since nowadays most people have GPS built in to their phones, and a lot of cyclists use computers to navigate. I am… Continue reading Bare-bones navigation for touring

Big boy cycling, 10 rules of riding 100 kilometers

1. You’re not as small as others, don’t try to ride like one I’ve always been big. That’s why I played basketball. ¬†I have had to learn to dodge objects in ceilings other people don’t even see. I’ve had to realize that most items produced for purchase are too small for me. Like outlet bicycles.¬†Cyclists… Continue reading Big boy cycling, 10 rules of riding 100 kilometers

Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

Yes, it looks like you're a Tron fan.

Visibility in cycling has always been a big issue for us living in countries that are dark sometimes. Which consists of every country in this planet. So yes, there will always be use for methods to allow us to see and to be seen. Project Aura is addressing the latter part and is also making… Continue reading Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

Helsinki Commuting – Monday advice

It’s great to see that every spring there are more bikers on the streets here in Helsinki. People seem to invest in better bikes, they are creative in tuning their old ones and they are going for weekend rides outside of the city. This year only seems to confirm the trend so fare. However, with… Continue reading Helsinki Commuting – Monday advice

The Surly is back home!

Ha ha! Great news of happy joy! My Ultimate Commuter is finally back home! Even though I was wearing jeans and sneakers, the ride was very pleasant and nice, yet I’m already out of shape and it was cold as hell out there. But _still_ it was brilliant. No way any inside training tool can… Continue reading The Surly is back home!

Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Remember when I said a few days ago that it feels like living on planet Hoth? We’ve had a blizzard here today in Helsinki, something around 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) of snow in one day and I still saw cyclists plowing through the snow. Sadly, my local bike shop mechanic, where I was planting to… Continue reading Blizzards, bike shops and photos

Winter commuting: Bike light buying guide

This is the time when all bike blogs and other media outlets are telling everyone to wear reflectors, use lights and really make themselves visible. The problem is that we really don’t know whether we are visible or not, because we are always in the center of the action. The other big question is the… Continue reading Winter commuting: Bike light buying guide

November sucks: Living on planet Hoth

Last winter was bordering on ridiculous, as it was like a winter imagined by an Australian tourist watching a Michael Bay movie on snow monsters. November is still supposed to be Autumn, even here in Finland. But yesterday’s forecast for the next ten days wasn’t very cheerful. The killer here regarding cycling is the wind… Continue reading November sucks: Living on planet Hoth