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“For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”

3 Comments 06 June 2012

So sayeth my new personal materials hero, Timo Hyppönen. On the Masters of Aalto site, his thesis statement runs thusly. “Graphic design is mostly about communication. In the field of industrial production it means mostly packaging or advertising, if user interface design is excluded. Yet, most products don’t need graphics to work. It has been […]

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10 tips to curb bicycle road rage

4 Comments 31 May 2012

In Helsinki I can really tell we’re in the thick of the beginning of the bicycle season, because I am swearing an awful lot on my bicycle. Clueless pedestrians not yet accustomed to looking before they step into a bike lane (despite having had years to learn), drivers on edge from having cyclists zip around […]

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City & Commuting, Our biker lives

Bare-bones navigation for touring

3 Comments 10 May 2012

Here’s something you don’t much think about before your first tour: how you’re going to figure out where the hell you are. I have to start this, of course, with a wee caveat since nowadays most people have GPS built in to their phones, and a lot of cyclists use computers to navigate. I am […]

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Raleigh appreciation day

1 Comment 26 April 2012

It was founded in Nottingham in 1887, and today the great bicycle maker Raleigh is sold to Dutch competitor Accell. It’s hardly the end of the road for the bikes, and actually their UK manufacturing has been relocated to the Far East for a decade already, but I got a pang of nostalgia, since this […]

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Eye candy for the day

No Comments 24 April 2012

How do you make an LBS more noticeable? Ask the peeps at Fahrradhof Atlandsberg. They may be on to something. Related Posts:“For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”Big boy cycling, 10 rules of riding 100 kilometers 2012 Merida Big Nine Carbon 29″ 3000 reviewLove local bike shops and they love […]

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Love, sheep.

2 Comments 19 July 2011

Cycling on snow is done for the year and I’m already thinking about the next tour, but I’ll continue with a number of posts that (god willing and a fast infield) will be of help to the first-time tourer and beginner-type cyclist such as myself. Wool. Wool fabric, and more specifically, merino (as in soft) […]

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Advice for the first-time tourer: uh… “down there”

5 Comments 14 July 2011

Right.  I’m half-expecting to be flogged with an inner tube for TMI, but let’s be adult and sensible and learn how to avoid saddle sores. If you are affronted by discussions of the derriere, go to the next post now. In most of this series I’m trying to cover the kind of information I really, […]

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Advice for the first-time tourer: speed x time = distance

4 Comments 12 July 2011

Oh, speed, the penis length of the cycling world… even for plenty of us girls it is. I had a hell of a time planning my tour because while I had a pretty good idea of how hard I was willing to work every day, I’d really never done more than 30 km in one […]

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Maiden voyage – notes from a first tour

1 Comment 16 December 2010

And but so last summer I spent July solo touring around the UK. Basically the thought process was like this: I love the UK, I love being on a bike, and I love holidays, so why not combine them all in one fell swoop? I didn’t have a bike that fit me properly, I’d never […]

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