About Coming Thru!

Comingthru.com | Maarten being bikish
Maarten showing how tight pants he can wear
Comingthru.com | Markus doesn't have any biking pictures
Surprisingly, Markus doesn't have any biking pictures.

Coming Thru (or Coming Through – as that URL was taken) is a daily updated bike magazine – a collection of writings and links that relate to biking in its every form. The idea started from when Maarten met Markus decided to finally start collecting the things we like about bikes and talk about our everyday adventures in dodging moving objects at high speeds.The site is run by a collage of cyclists, most notably by Canadian Johanna MacDonald, Belgian Maarten Patteeuw and Finnish Markus Sandelin.

It all started in the spring of 2010, after a record breaking snowy winter when Markus bought a house 25 kilometers from the office and decided to handle the commuting with a bicycle. It turned out the bike wasn’t up to standards for that kind of stress and the first weeks were more tragicomic than glorious. Thus the idea began to brew to actually document this journey.

The name and the “logo” come from the noise you let out of your mouth and feeling of dread you have when riding and someone or something jumps/drives/moves/slides/drops on your way :)

The highs, the lows and mostly the blows – all at Coming Thru!

Thanks for reading,

Maarten & Markus

ps. Thru was easier to write than through, we know.