Friday video: Aerial Mountain Biking (Helicam)

Looks more like a flying spider if you ask us.

Well, it’s time for our usual Friday video and we have a treat for you this time! This was hinted by a reader and we’re putting it right up. I have two friends who run a company where they take aerial footage with their eight rotor octocopter that has a proper camera attached to it… Continue reading Friday video: Aerial Mountain Biking (Helicam)

Houffalize World Cup 2012 preview

This Sunday it’s the “Tour of Flanders of mountain biking” taking place in Houffalize.¬†Start to think of it that’s probably where they got the idea of riding laps in this years De Ronde…World class riding on one of the most selective courses of the world cup and voted best organization in the past both by… Continue reading Houffalize World Cup 2012 preview

Mountain biking with one arm? Why not.

Photo by Eyes Down films

Tom Wheeler got four of the five nerves controlling his right arm severed and his hand is and will be mostly paralyzed for the rest of his life. Still that doesn’t Tom from riding his bike, in the forest with the boys. Total respect. Check out part two from Vimeo by clicking right about here.… Continue reading Mountain biking with one arm? Why not.

Friday video: Bicycle repair man with Monty Python

Photographic evidence for the win!

There are only a few comedy laws, but most of them involve the Monty Python troupe. Since it’s Easter, we wanted to be a bit sillier than usual, so we are giving you the classic Bicycle repair man sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus that came out about 50 years ago, which you can see… Continue reading Friday video: Bicycle repair man with Monty Python

Love local bike shops and they love you back

We’ve always loved our local bike shops, they are not only beautiful and talented, running a bike shop requires passion and dedication like no other. We’ve written about them several times (like here, here and especially¬†here) and we are glad to be doing it again. We have a friend called Nelli, a Finn who set… Continue reading Love local bike shops and they love you back

Marche-en-Famenne (BEL) – mtb track #6 (blue)

The forests are pretty | Photo by Joseph Pellicani

Marche – track #6 (blue) Starting off at the Chateau de Jemeppe it s straight away climbing towards a first view over the area. As for most of the route it s an easy rolling schooner road, after the initial asphalt, going up and down for the next 5 kms with nice panoramic views on… Continue reading Marche-en-Famenne (BEL) – mtb track #6 (blue)

Spring has been cancelled

You know that feeling of Spring blooming. The days get longer and the temperature climbs slowly but steadily towards double digits and it’s time to clean the bikes up. Lube and clean the chains, index those cassettes properly and then put them on the balcony to let the sun gently dry your clean babies up.… Continue reading Spring has been cancelled

App review: Bike Repair HD

While some of us might be completely in a zen-like agreement with their rear derailleur, but there are much more of those who are more in tune with their chocolate pudding than a spanner in the derailleur. There are lots of Youtube videos and web sites like ours, but sometimes it’s good to have a… Continue reading App review: Bike Repair HD