Marche-en-Famenne (BEL) – mtb track #6 (blue)

The forests are pretty | Photo by Joseph Pellicani
The forests are pretty | Photo by Joseph Pellicani

Marche – track #6 (blue)

Starting off at the Chateau de Jemeppe it s straight away climbing towards a first view over the area. As for most of the route it s an easy rolling schooner road, after the initial asphalt, going up and down for the next 5 kms with nice panoramic views on Hèdrée and Hollogne. After 5k and crossing the Hèdrée stream the schotter gets rougher and there is 130hm climb with parts up to 18%. On the plateau you pass the telecommunications center and take an easy descent towards the village.

From Tombes on it s a short climb followed by farmer roads passing besides Champion-Famenne and crossing several routes from Marche and, I assume, Nassogne. From here on it s important to keep your eyes open and follow the “blue arrow +6” indications. A nice forest road is followed by a passage in Verdenne and after some twisting and turning in the village another forest track directs you through the suburbs of Marche. After finding your way through the urban jungle you’ll have a nice descent, as good as it gets on this track, towards Fond des Vaulx and into Marche. In Marche I lost the track, and instead of going (off road I presume) towards Marloie I stayed on the parallel road N86 towards Rochefort. When you see the indication Marloie you have to turn left to rejoin the indicated track. Another climb towards Rocailles and fast descent through the forest back to the Chateau de Jemeppe. It looks like the Marche and Nassogne communities are updating and combining the existing tracks and 9 road books/maps should be available now.

Conclusion: a fast hardtail track in good condition and suited for (early season) fitness training but with almost no technical challenges for the average mtbiker. A bit too much suburbs and asphalt to make the nicer bits stand out. Good track for beginners.

data: ~22k, 450hm

  • condition: 1/5
  • technique: 1/5
  • views: 2/5

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