Love local bike shops and they love you back

Awesome studio photo by Nelli Lähteenmäki

We’ve always loved our local bike shops, they are not only beautiful and talented, running a bike shop requires passion and dedication like no other. We’ve written about them several times (like here, here and especially here) and we are glad to be doing it again.

We have a friend called Nelli, a Finn who set out to the big world, beyond the Atlantic and ended up residing in San Francisco, California of all places. She naturally loves cycling and thought it’d be a great time to get a new road bike and she did, went to a local bike shop and got herself a new bike. After a while, she received this hand-written note from Nate, the guy who sold her the bike, and I think this sums up perfectly why local bike shops are needed and wanted.

I’m trying to figure out the actual shop that did this, will update if I get that permission.

Update: Yay, Nelli gave us further information and Nate is one of the fine people from Mike’s Bikes shop in Berkeley, CA. Here’s hoping Nate will get a raise or something because he even managed to get a blog from the other side of the world to write about him and his work place.

Mr. English on the right | Photo by Norcal Cycling News

Update pt. deux: Turns out our man Nate English is more than just a spanner man, he’s fast and famous on a bike as well: Read an interview with him on Norcal Cycling News – Thanks for Mike’s bikes on Twitter to give us the inside scoop!

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