Erenpreiss trendy retro bikes from Latvia

Erenpreiss Greta
Erenpreiss Tom

It looks like the trend of retro bikes returning strongly (like our Finnish Pelago bicycles) is continuing, this time from the small country of Latvia. Ērenpreiss is a brand founded in 1927 by a middle-aged gentleman called Gustavs Ērenpreiss. He thought that he would join the massive cycling revolution of the early 20th century and he founded a new bicycle company called G.Ērenpreisa velosipēdu fabrika (G. Ērenpreiss Bicycle Factory), and its first bike, the Ērenpreiss Original, became a huge success in Latvia.

Erenpreiss Greta

85 years later, Toms Ērenpreiss, the great-grandson of Gustavs’s brother, has resumed his family’s tradition and given Ērenpreiss bicycles a second life. The bikes themselves seem to be quite simple steel-framed city bikes, single-speed (or maybe 3-speed) with a foot brake together with a front brake. According to our sources the prices cost around 400 Latvian Lats, which translates to about €572 euros and $745 USD. So about the same price range as well. We assume the bikes are made in Latvia, otherwise we can’t understand the high price point.

For more information about Ērenpreiss bicycles, visit (Only in Latvian at the moment, but photos are universal).

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