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Friday video: The Bike Song (Mark Ronson & the business Intl.)

No Comments 27 April 2012

It’s Friday and we have another long weekend thanks to the first of May holiday. Which means we can bike and do cool stuff. Just like they almost do in this video. Here’s a photo of the title person, Mark Ronson: Here’s also a photo of a free refill station, in the form of a […]

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Raleigh appreciation day

1 Comment 26 April 2012

It was founded in Nottingham in 1887, and today the great bicycle maker Raleigh is sold to Dutch competitor Accell. It’s hardly the end of the road for the bikes, and actually their UK manufacturing has been relocated to the Far East for a decade already, but I got a pang of nostalgia, since this […]

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Other bike Stuff

Eye candy for the day

No Comments 24 April 2012

How do you make an LBS more noticeable? Ask the peeps at Fahrradhof Atlandsberg. They may be on to something. Related Posts:“For my Masters thesis, I made a bike. Out of a car.”Big boy cycling, 10 rules of riding 100 kilometers 2012 Merida Big Nine Carbon 29″ 3000 reviewLove local bike shops and they love […]

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City & Commuting

Big boy cycling, 10 rules of riding 100 kilometers

3 Comments 23 April 2012

1. You’re not as small as others, don’t try to ride like one I’ve always been big. That’s why I played basketball.  I have had to learn to dodge objects in ceilings other people don’t even see. I’ve had to realize that most items produced for purchase are too small for me. Like outlet bicycles. Cyclists […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

2012 Merida One-Twenty XT-D 26″ review

4 Comments 22 April 2012

We had an opportunity to go out and take Merida‘s latest aluminum full suspension mountain bike One-Twenty XT-D out for a four hour muddy and snowy ride and naturally we had to write a review on the topic as well. While there’s been quite a bit of discussion on the new Ninety-Nine carbon range, the non-carbon […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

2012 Merida Big Nine Carbon 29″ 3000 review

No Comments 21 April 2012

As we speculated two years ago, twenty-niners are here to stay and we are glad that they are. We had the opportunity to test ride some new Merida bikes coming to the market this year, one of them was the best non-team model 29″ Big Nine Carbon 3000-D from the 2012 range and four hours in […]

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Our biker lives

Report: Houffalize World Cup 2012

1 Comment 18 April 2012

After some nice riding on Saturday in the Rochefort area we went to see the real pros on Sunday in Houffalize for round 2 of the World Cup XCO. The new track built by the organization is simply spectacular although a bit confusing for spectators at times,  even without the “on course” obligatory Belgian beers. […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

Erenpreiss trendy retro bikes from Latvia

2 Comments 16 April 2012

It looks like the trend of retro bikes returning strongly (like our Finnish Pelago bicycles) is continuing, this time from the small country of Latvia. Ērenpreiss is a brand founded in 1927 by a middle-aged gentleman called Gustavs Ērenpreiss. He thought that he would join the massive cycling revolution of the early 20th century and he founded […]

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Our biker lives

The cyclist manifesto

2 Comments 15 April 2012

Choose life. Choose a frame. Choose the material. Choose a fucking expensive wheel set, choose work stands, grips, carbon drop bars and ergo trainers. Choose good health, adrenaline rushes and flat tires. Choose hipsters with their fixies. Choose a collection of locks. Choose spandex and matching caps. Choose a collection of water bottles that reflect […]

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Bike Building

Bike ergonomics: Cockpit upgrade

No Comments 15 April 2012

Bikes are simply a collection of parts forming a whole, so upgrading for ergonomics is easy. For some reason people seem to think that their bikes are permanent and nothing can be changed. Since I’m a tall person with wide shoulders, I wanted to upgrade the cockpit of my Cube hard tail. The original configurations […]

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