Where would you bike if you would die tomorrow?

This man is not afraid of death.

If you would realize that you would die exactly a week from now, no chance, just 100% certain death. Let’s say a meteorite is hitting the earth and we’re going to join the dinosaurs next Thursday. You would have five days to do everything else you ever wanted to do and you would have one day left, where would you go a bike? Let’s also imagine that there would be a quantum physical pain numbing field surrounding our planet, so you know, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

I’ve noticed that the older I get, the more I like cycling on the road, since it feels safer. Even though riding an eight kilo piece of carbon in scanty clothing 60 kilometers per hour down a hill full of two ton metal projectiles can’t be considered very safe. But seeing that video with James Doerfling got me thinking that scenario above. It would be really awesome to go down a sandy hill with a proper bike and gear (even if it wouldn’t hurt).

This man is not afraid of death.

James Doerfling doesn’t really care since he seems to ride his bike like he thinks he’s riding a tank. Funnily enough, when you google for “James Doerfling injury” the only results in the front page are his friends being maimed and hurt, but our Jimmy seems to be surviving so far just fine.

So to change the question, where would Jimmy ride if he would die tomorrow?

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By Markus Sandelin

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