Pregnant cycling

It's a girl!
It's a girl!

Now you might say that this topic is not a subtle hint to my grown belly or an usual subject for us, but it has become a question I need your help with. My wife and me will become happy biking parents in July, but before that we want to cycle as long as we can. Naturally a full-fledged exoskeleton wearing titanium helmet downhill days she’ll have to skip, but we’ve seen pregnant ladies bike their way to the hospital and we’re not neurotic enough to pad all corners of our apartment so we know that it is safe – but for how long and how much?

If you do a google search about pregnant biking, you’ll get results where you focus on the words “premature separation of the placenta, premature labor, or in the worst case, fetal death” which aren’t the most encouraging ones to support any forms of exercise. Those posts have lots of comments from people who do exercise and seem to surf pages on that topic.

I know a larger part of our readership is male, but I’m sure there are some women there as well and since cyclists are such cool people, I’m sure some of them have had kids as well. How did you handle your pregnancy? Did you bike? On the road? Mountain?

Edit: Guardian had quite a good article on the topic

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