Finale Ligure (ITA) – Colla di Magnone

Starting off from Finale along the Rio la Fiumata towards Vezzi with a nice warmup on the road.  The blue mtb trail (indicated 2 red dots) towards San Lorenzino is currently inaccessible due to rocks blocking the path – other option is of course hike a bike for a km. Instead I continued towards Portio and in San Libera turned right (red circle with stripe) towards the Colla di Magnone.

Passing yet another church and keeping to the left it’s a nice trail/singletrack marked as red mtb route (still circle with stripe marking) until the top, immediately followed by a technical decent towards Voze. From there I took the descent on the road towards Noli due to not finding the blue mtb track towards San Michele.

From Noli on the road along the sea to Varigotti and up to Isasco on the road again, a rather steep climb with percentages up to 24%. Continue to Manie and the San Martino camping and turn left following the old Roman path (two red diamonds). Nice path/singletrack towards Chien and Varigotti and return towards Finale on the road.

Finale Ligure - Territorio Indiano
View towards Territorio Indiano - more trails of the Finale 24h track

A nice warmup track for the area with a lot of asphalt but some excellent descents as well. Suited as an early season ride.
data: 35k – 1160hms – ~3hrs

  • condition: 2/5
  • technique: 3/5
  • views: 3/5

link to the track

1) The Finale mtb map marks mtb routes (traditional 2 dots and triangle) on top of the hiking routes. There are no mtb specific routes marked, you need to follow/combine the hiking trails.
2) I rode the track on an allmountain 120mm suspension bike, the two offroad descents might not be very comfortable on a hardtail but it can be done.


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