Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

Yes, it looks like you're a Tron fan.

Visibility in cycling has always been a big issue for us living in countries that are dark sometimes. Which consists of every country in this planet. So yes, there will always be use for methods to allow us to see and to be seen. Project Aura is addressing the latter part and is also making it look pretty cool. Like Tron-cool.

The ride position in the 2014 Merida Cyclocross range is quite steep.

Now, one of the first things I do is to remove all the ugly reflectors in my bikes, as they wreck the aesthetic of any decent looking bicycle, so I welcome the addition. I also like the user experience for the viewer with changing colors with speed and other safety factors. Like they say themselves:

We created a system that requires very little rider input and maintenance, while increasing the visual footprint of bikers from all directions especially from the side. We accomplished this by expanding the surface area of light emitted through the use of RGB LEDs inside the rims of the wheels that change from red when slowing down to white when at cruising speed.

Well done and we’re ready for testing if you need it. Wink wink.

Read more about Project Aura from their website.

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By Markus Sandelin

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