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Friday Video: The Aura bicycle safety light

1 Comment 29 July 2011

Visibility in cycling has always been a big issue for us living in countries that are dark sometimes. Which consists of every country in this planet. So yes, there will always be use for methods to allow us to see and to be seen. Project Aura is addressing the latter part and is also making […]

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Our biker lives

Trail to Verbier – Ardennes Training Camp

No Comments 22 July 2011

Preparing ourselves for the Grand Raid Verbier on the 20th of August this is the first in a series of posts. We got ourselves a nice cottage next to Grand-Halleux, collected 5 bikers and filled our fridge with after-ride rewards local style: Chimay trappist beers. Mind you we didn’t get the rewards that easily, a […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

First 500 km on the 2011 Merida Scultura Evo 905

2 Comments 21 July 2011

It has been a bit too warm for road cycling here recently, so we’ve been bombing in the forests lately, but I have managed to get the first 500 kilometers on my new Merida and it has been a very pleasurable experience. The stiffness of the frame manages to surprise me every time and although […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews

Quick preview: Gaerne G.Fora 2010 road cycling shoes

No Comments 20 July 2011

As I’ve made great progress in my riding during the last year, I thought I was up for a new pair of shoes. My problem is my shoe size, which is at the top end of cycling shoe makers. Sure, you can get proper sized Sidis, but they cost 250 euros per pair. As the […]

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Bicycle and Gear Reviews, Our biker lives

Love, sheep.

2 Comments 19 July 2011

Cycling on snow is done for the year and I’m already thinking about the next tour, but I’ll continue with a number of posts that (god willing and a fast infield) will be of help to the first-time tourer and beginner-type cyclist such as myself. Wool. Wool fabric, and more specifically, merino (as in soft) […]

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Other bike Stuff

Friday Video: Brandon Semenuk goes Wandering

No Comments 15 July 2011

Brandon Semenuk is a young Canadian mountain biker who seems like a guy who can ride a bike seven ways from Sunday. Good for him. Of course, living his whole life right in Whistler, British Columbia really helps, as it has awesome terrain for mountain biking. He’s so good in fact, that his parents home […]

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Our biker lives

Advice for the first-time tourer: uh… “down there”

5 Comments 14 July 2011

Right.  I’m half-expecting to be flogged with an inner tube for TMI, but let’s be adult and sensible and learn how to avoid saddle sores. If you are affronted by discussions of the derriere, go to the next post now. In most of this series I’m trying to cover the kind of information I really, […]

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Our biker lives

Approaching our 200th post

No Comments 13 July 2011

It’s been about a year now since we started this process of documenting things we like about cycling and it’s amazing to be writing the 199th post to be published. Tomorrow’s post by Johanna will be number two hundred and we think that’s a lot. A lot has happened in the last year: Both Maarten […]

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Our biker lives

Advice for the first-time tourer: speed x time = distance

4 Comments 12 July 2011

Oh, speed, the penis length of the cycling world… even for plenty of us girls it is. I had a hell of a time planning my tour because while I had a pretty good idea of how hard I was willing to work every day, I’d really never done more than 30 km in one […]

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