Helsinki Commuting – Monday advice

It’s great to see that every spring there are more bikers on the streets here in Helsinki. People seem to invest in better bikes, they are creative in tuning their old ones and they are going for weekend rides outside of the city. This year only seems to confirm the trend so fare.

However, with all that enthusiasm around us, there are a few important side remarks to be made as to not bruise those legs or damage that good looking bike. After observing the 3 situations below for a few weeks and encountering all of them this morning in a 3k commute we thought it was time for a Comingthru reminder

be nice to your fellow bike(ste)rs on that bikelane! ©tulenheimo
  • If you want to race that roadracing or cyclocross bike take it outside the city! Going faster than 25k/h on the bike-lanes in the Helsinki city center is sheer stupidity and is endangering your fellow bikers. Not all of them are as stable or focused on a bike.
  • Bike-lanes and sidewalks are combined in one lane in many places only separated by one row of small cobblestones. If no pedestrians are around you can use the sidewalk area to create space for bike-traffic coming from the opposite direction instead of forcing other two-wheel enthousiasts to brake and slow down. It’s just common sense – the “rules” are not that strict.
  • When at work (or any other public space) you are not attaching your bike to the bikerack for security reasons and you have a bike mount don’t use the bikerack at all, park it next to the rack. Plenty of people don’t have a bike mount and do want to attach their bikes somewhere.

In the meanwhile happy biking in Helsinki and all around the world – it’s gonna be a great spring!

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By Maarten Patteeuw

Maarten is an avid road and mountain biker who lives and breathes everything rolling on two wheels. You can follow his rantings on Twitter by looking for @maapathel.