de Polders

Up north you can still freeze to your frame in 0-30 secs so a trip to Belgium where it’s 9Cs sounds almost tropical. Certain of my compatriots are celebrating the sublime state of democracy of the nation (at least us Belgians hold some kind of world record), others are starting to focus on what really matters: the upcoming bike season.The boys from teamskelle seem to have had a decent Winter and are obviously already motivated at this time of the year.

Flat in the flatland

On Saturday we gathered up near the medieval town of Damme (10 kms North of Bruges) for a ride in the “Polders”. Main features of the area: flat, flatter, flattest topped off with an always present northern wind from the nearby North Sea. Following the canals we did some border-hopping in the southern Dutch province of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen cruising through villages I had never even heard of and which have 50 inhabitants max. Nice roads, no traffic so a perfect area for building up the overall fitness
Filip was once again our local gps, and from halfway onwards also my wind shield – much appreciated. It was my first ride of 3.30h since November in Malaga and a great intro to the opening Spring classics of the coming weeks – at least I can sympathize with the pros a bit more understanding the windy and rainy conditions. Overall goal was to stay alive during most of the ride and I only bended during the last half n hour – an average heartrate of 168 is not exactly staying in G2. Slightly undercooled afterwards but pretty satisfied we got 87kms on the training sheet.

Looking forward to Spring and in the meanwhile I’ll just spend some time on my Tackx watching the pros on television…

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