cyclocross season: national titles at stake

One of the better excuses for not being out there in the cold on Sunday afternoons (and grab a beer from the fridge at 4 pm) is this years cyclocross season. So far we have seen the top riders battle it out on several occasions with only seconds difference, or even better, a sprint all the way to the line. Stybar, Nys and Albert are collecting most of the wins this year with occasionally one of the younger talents like Pauwels and Meeusen grabbing a win.

their own wives probably can't recognize them

On Sunday it’s time for the “Mini-World Championship”, the Belgian Championship. For those who don’t follow cyclocross, 7 out of the top 10 of the UCI ranking are Belgians and to give you an idea of how popular (and muddy) the sport is we’ve included last weeks GP Baal (GvA trophy). If you’re interested in following this Sunday you’ll be able to find live streams from here. All over Europe the other National Championships will be held on the same day. Our bets are on Stybar (Czech), Franzoi (Italy), Mourey (France), Boom (Netherlands) and Walsleben (Germany).

A different view on this seasons events, and slightly less glamourous, can be found from the U23 American talent Zach MacDonald (as far as we know not related to our co-writer). Enjoy the mud!

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By Maarten Patteeuw

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