2011 plans – don’t call it a draft!

You have to give one thing to the otherwise utterly annoying Christmas period: it provides you with time to make bike plans for the new year.

Before we even got to sit at the bar, have beers and start pondering about when and where to go Fili, one of the teamskelle bikers, came up with Andalucia. Not that I have a great relationship with the area but one week of biking in the mountains close to the Sierra Nevada under the sunshine in 20 degrees Celsius sounds excellent – and there are at least 3 other guys with a pump. Hence the first week of April is booked and we will be watching the Tour of Flanders from television in Spain.

Winter sunset around Houffalize - nice but not for long.
Next training week is aimed at sharpening up the overall fitness with a long training weekend in the Belgian province of Luxemburg during  May. Houffalize, Bastogne and La Roche will be our playground for a few days of road cycling.
The cherry on the biking cake for this year is the plan for a Transalp adventure in August using July as a, hopefully warm, preparation month up north. Nothing confirmed here but we’ll start looking for 4 to 5 people to join us during (late) August for an 8 day adventure.
In between there might still be time for a long bike weekend abroad, another Tahko MTB marathon participation, a Coming thru tour of Southern Finland or a trip into Norway and/or Sweden. And, of course, we will try to spend much more time on some of those excellent tracks in the Helsinki area!
What are your biking/cycling plans for twenty-eleven?

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By Maarten Patteeuw

Maarten is an avid road and mountain biker who lives and breathes everything rolling on two wheels. You can follow his rantings on Twitter by looking for @maapathel.