Winter substitutes: Cross-country skiing

Singletracking in the snow | Awesome photo by Eric Ward

There are great substitutes for cycling during the winter, if you don’t like the idea of getting on your bike. It’s not so much about the commuting anymore, although I do know of a Mexican friend who does sometimes commute to work with his skis (yes, he lives in Finland).

What I feel are the best qualities of cycling: The outdoors, the wind on your face, the physical exercise and the ability to actually get somewhere eventually – cross-country skiing is exactly that. Plus it gives you a full-body workout as well.

This is what Finns call "Photoshopped" :)

Just like I didn’t believe I would be this much into bikes a year ago, I never though I’d be even remotely thinking about going skiing. Even though I’ve always enjoyed it, but somehow it’s just a very rural affair.

There’s also the point that nearly all Finns were forced to do two things in school: Orienteering during the Summer and cross country skiing during the Winter – don’t worry, no one else knows what orienteering is either. (Sorry Dave, if you catch this post ;))

Just don’t expect me to start writing a blog about skiing.

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By Markus Sandelin

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