Winter riding in Atlanta – The Airport ride [video]

When one thinks of Atlanta, Georgia, you think of Ted Turner the bison lover, Coca-Cola and I think of that one guy who tried selling me a gold chain right in front of the exhibition center. I know we’ve been griping about the snow here, and there sure are ridiculous amounts of it here, but what is it like to ride in December in a town like Atlanta?

The Southeastern cycling people can enjoy several different group rides. There’s at least one website that details them for each day of the week, which you can find it by clicking here. The video is from a “sunday tradition” in Atlanta, the Airport ride. 58 miles or 93 kilometers and it passes by Atlanta international airport, giving the course its name. You can check the route in this here link.

Heavy metal and spandex are always a funny combination :)

What kind of group rides are there in your area, have you participated in them?

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By Markus Sandelin

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