Project 29er: Budget build

Mixing and matching parts for optimal budget party!

Ever since we rode those 29ers in the forest, I have wanted one. Luckily, we are more of a lo-fi kind of blog and we do like rather having several bikes instead of expensive Italian superbikes. The photo you see above is very probably becoming my next all-arounder and single speed singletrack machine. An aluminium Mongoose Sabrosa 29er frame, Rock Shox Reba fork, Shimano XT brakes and hubs, WTB front rim and DT rear rim (we told you it was budget!) and the rest of the parts are still being thought of.

The key difference between a 26er and a 29er | Photo by

As you might have noticed, Maarten’s a bit more refined in his bike selections and his 29er budget might take a bit longer. The main issue is that buying a bike in parts is crazy expensive compared to buying whole bikes. Nearly all of the parts on my are used or otherwise old, so the price will stay (a lot) under a 1000 euros, which is just what I like!

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By Markus Sandelin

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