Our local bike shop: Tikkurilan Ajomies

The Ajomies himself, Eppu

We have been asked to do some journalism (um, yeah) and show people around our local bike shops and we figured why not. They are people we have chosen to touch our bikes anyway, so might as well tell the world about them. Our first choice is my personal favorite and place-to-go when something goes wrong or I need something new, Ajomies in Tikkurila.

He'll fix any bike you have, even weird electric ones.

I’ve already mentioned the shop several times and probably will in the future as well. The place has a reputation in the active cycling community here in Finland that people bring in their bikes hundreds of kilometers away and while the price is not cheap, I’ve never felt ripped off. You feel that you pay for something you actually get and that’s rare these days.

The shop itself is just a single room full of awesome bike stuff

He also has a great selection of parts and tools to help with us bike building types and he’s smart enough to give a helping hand even if you might have ordered something online, because next time you’ll be back. Don’t bother just going there with stuff brought somewhere else though and expect to get it in free.

Our verdict: ★★★★★ – The best of the best

If you’re around, check them out:

Tikkurilan Ajomies

Visit: Peltolantie 2, Tikkurila, Vantaa or call: +358 45 128 8873.

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