Learn Finnish: Pikkujoulut

This is one way to be in a Pikkujoulu | Photo by Kompleksi

When you see a photo like that, you might not have any idea about what’s going on. When a Finn sees a photo like this, he’ll immediately think of a Pikkujoulu party and the presentation of “Tiernapojat” which is the classic bible story of the three wise men.

Pikkujoulu, or “little Christmas” is a party that is usually arranged somewhere between October and March, but focusing in November and beginning of December. It’s similar to a Christmas party anywhere, you know, company parties and such, but the Finnish one comes with a flair.

Their purpose is to give something back to the people and they usually feature plenty of food and drink. It’s the time when inhibitions are set free and everything that bothered you the previous year will be released.

That's why most of them end like this.

The reason I’m telling you this is that today I have to be in a Pikkujoulu. The nice thing is that our regular bar hosted theirs yesterday, and my company’s party is on Friday. Yeah.

Here’s a video of some German dudes riding their bikes in too much snow and too close to a drop.

We’ll see you tomorrow with a _beautiful_ Friday video!

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