Friday video: Framed – Andi Wittmann & Felix Urbauer

Setting up the scene

You’ve probably (hopefully) seen our Friday videos already and we do try to have them as good as possible. Before, most of the videos have been about the riders or the talent, but this one is in my opinion more about the actual filmography than the riding. And the riding is damn good. That’s just how good the filmography is.

Check it out yourselves:

The duo behind this slow-motion cycling beauty are rider Andi Wittmann and filmmaker Felix Urbauer. Wittmann just signed up for Giant and got his custom frame and build. He’s a 23-year old freeride pro from Munich, Germany and seems to be a part of the up-coming generation of mountain bikers, which we applaud.

Mr. Urbauer is a talented cameraman who has been filming action and bikes for several years and he really does a great job with this video. The production value is fantastic and you can see that they’re not kidding with amazing dolly runs and helicopter rides.

More of this, please.

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By Markus Sandelin

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