Friday video: Chicks on fixies in Australia

Since we’re obviously in the theme of talking about women and bikes this week, we thought we should continue on that path. This weeks Friday video comes from the Canada of the South, Australia and it has a pretty lady in very short shorts riding a fixed gear Vuelo Velo bike. It’s not that much about the quality of the video, which isn’t bad or the Rapha clothing or the track racing or the trendy camera work. It’s about chicks on fixies.

And that should suffice.

Well, at least she has a light on his bike.

Vuelo Velo is a company of frame designer Marty Renwick, a former Australian national team member who competed in road and track races in his day. The other two are the builders and long time professionals of the trade, James Bleakley and Todd Heath from Black Sheep bikes.

It’s my farewell party tonight, tomorrow’s post may be a bit late..

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