Cold wear: Endura Dexter windproof gloves

Terry cloth for the sweat of your brow and neoprene.

There have been times when I have hoped to have more stuff to review, but it turns out I haven’t even reviewed the stuff I have. One of these things is a continuation to our winter clothing post, the windproof winter gloves from UK manufacturer Endura, and they call them the Dexter.

I have no idea where they come up with the names for their products, but I like them. We already reviewed the Full Monty gloves, which are for Summer and Autumn non-windproof gloves. When the weather started to get gloomy and the temperature hit single digits in October, it was time to go for more hardcore gloves.

The gel padding could be a bit bigger, but it suffices.

The Dexters are a pair of windproof softshell gloves. They are not waterproof, but I haven’t managed to get them wet yet during my 1000 kilometers of testing, even when riding in the rain. They have a silicon grip to make sure you can hold on to your handlebars, and they are quite soft in your hand. The problem with the padding is that you don’t really feel anything with them on – then again, neither would you with frozen fingers.

On the cuff side they have a slab of neoprene to keep your wrists warm and dry, but otherwise they’re good, basic gloves. They’re not too thick, and if you’re riding in temperatures between +10 to -10, you’re good to go. Under zero degrees Celsius you might have to get some warmth in your body for your fingers to warm, but they will stay that way as well. Colder than -10 Celsius and it will get cold after an hours riding.

Our verdict: ★★★★☆

Still, for the price (around 25-30 euros) and the available sizing, Endura gets it correct and I have to say, I like their working man attitude with their products.

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