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Friday Video: Merry Christmas – We take a holiday!

No Comments 24 December 2010

It’s Christmas Eve today, if some of you lovely and/or manly readers are completely out of your minds or just unable to tell time due to some unfortunate OTB accident when you were a kid. In Finland, today is the big day of Christmas unlike in many other cultures where the 25th is the main […]

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Our biker lives

Christmas Belgian style: Mountain biking in Houffalize

5 Comments 23 December 2010

I don’t particularly like Christmas – just to make it clear. However, you can make it a little nicer on yourself by, let’s say, keeping biking in mind while planning the Christmas weekend. I’m spending 10 days in Belgium where the weather is not really sunny – an understatement for -2C and 15 cm of […]

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Bike Building

Project 29er: Budget build

5 Comments 22 December 2010

Ever since we rode those 29ers in the forest, I have wanted one. Luckily, we are more of a lo-fi kind of blog and we do like rather having several bikes instead of expensive Italian superbikes. The photo you see above is very probably becoming my next all-arounder and single speed singletrack machine. An aluminium […]

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Our biker lives

Our local bike shop: Tikkurilan Ajomies

1 Comment 21 December 2010

We have been asked to do some journalism (um, yeah) and show people around our local bike shops and we figured why not. They are people we have chosen to touch our bikes anyway, so might as well tell the world about them. Our first choice is my personal favorite and place-to-go when something goes […]

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City & Commuting

The Surly is back home!

1 Comment 20 December 2010

Ha ha! Great news of happy joy! My Ultimate Commuter is finally back home! Even though I was wearing jeans and sneakers, the ride was very pleasant and nice, yet I’m already out of shape and it was cold as hell out there. But _still_ it was brilliant. No way any inside training tool can […]

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Other bike Stuff

Ultralight bike touring

3 Comments 19 December 2010

The photo above might look like something you would find from a pocket of a drug addict. But luckily, this blog is not about clinical depression (even though we are Finnish) or habitual drug use, so we will tell you that the photo is actually from a cycling tourer called an ultralighter. I’m pretty sure […]

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Other bike Stuff

Bikes + Comics = Yehuda Moon

No Comments 18 December 2010

There’s one thing I’m pretty sure no one has figured out through the blog, my love and devotion for good comics. I’ve always loved topical comics on several issues, especially hobbies and science and when I found Yehuda Moon about 6 months ago I was awestruck as it resounded greatly on my current journey of […]

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Other bike Stuff

Friday video: Chicks on fixies in Australia

No Comments 17 December 2010

Since we’re obviously in the theme of talking about women and bikes this week, we thought we should continue on that path. This weeks Friday video comes from the Canada of the South, Australia and it has a pretty lady in very short shorts riding a fixed gear Vuelo Velo bike. It’s not that much […]

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Our biker lives, Travel & Routes

Maiden voyage – notes from a first tour

1 Comment 16 December 2010

And but so last summer I spent July solo touring around the UK. Basically the thought process was like this: I love the UK, I love being on a bike, and I love holidays, so why not combine them all in one fell swoop? I didn’t have a bike that fit me properly, I’d never […]

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Our biker lives

Introducing: Johanna MacDonald

No Comments 15 December 2010

This is already turning to be a brilliant week. Not only did I pick up my bike yesterday, we finally can introduce the only thing missing from Coming Thru – even more, awesome writers! The other thing that I’ve noticed that’s missing from many bicycle related blogs is the number of female riders, and that […]

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It all started in the spring of 2010, after a record breaking snowy winter when Markus bought a house 25 kilometers from the office and decided to handle the commuting with a bicycle. It turned out the bike wasn’t up to standards for that kind of stress and the first weeks were more tragicomic than glorious. Thus the idea began to brew to actually document this journey.

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