Quick review: HA-III Cree SSC P7-C 900 Lumen LED bike light

It comes with two O-rings for easy attachment

Just look at the gargantuan name of the lamp. It’s amazing. Anyway, I finally got my “Chinese wonder” lamp from DealExtreme, which allows me to see during the dark night rides (and soon dark morning rides as well) here in Finland. This particular LED bike light has been in high regards in the Finnish bike scene, especially with the hardcore mountain bike riders loving those dark single tracks.

The light has five modes (High, Medium, Low, Epilepsy-inducing and Annoying-blinker). It comes in its own package, which is surprisingly high-quality with its foam inset and magnetic sealing. Within you will find the LED light itself, the battery pack, two o-rings, UK power adapter (100-240V, so it’ll work globally). No manual, although it’s quite simple to operate. The light will turn on as soon as you connect the battery pack so don’t point the light towards someone before connecting the battery. I managed to blind a colleague with mine.

I have a few friends that have the same unit, and I’ve been impressed about the battery life and brightness of the lamp. We’ll give you examples in our up-and-coming bike light test, where we show the power of different kinds of lamps. The P7-C is a small lamp, but is very powerful with its (supposedly) 900 lumen brightness. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery pack giving the light a life of 3 (900 lumen max power) to 12 hours (25% power). It’s also good to know that the battery not permanently connected to the lamp so you can change it should it break or you want a backup.

Our verdict: ★★★★½

Usually LED bike lamps of this power cost over 300 euros, making this a bargain with its cheap price of $78 including shipping and handling. Customs fees and taxes might be added to the price, depending on where you are ordering. It’s still worth it.

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By Markus Sandelin

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